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want technology you can rely on
give you peace of mind with our award-winning technology

Groundbreaking ideas for the workplace of the future demand equally innovative technology. Our multifunctional bizhub technology wins accolades from our clients who depend on their reliability, quality and ultra-high speeds. We're not following the herd; we're shaping new standards in technology solutions that work for you.

Award-winning solutions dominate our product lineup with fast output, efficient workflows and time-saving multifunctional productivity. With simple on-screen control, you have printing, copying and scanning right at your fingertips. Add to this seamless software integration and easy customization with many available options configured for your business.

For more information about our bizhub multifunction printers, please see our brochure.

want to stay secure
offer solutions to safeguard your business

The digital age brings with it the potential for damaging security breaches. It is critical that we give your multifunctional printers the protection you need to withstand security threats. Trust our comprehensive range of standard security features and options to detect and prevent security violations.

Read more about our security solutions.

IT administration
want streamlined processes and enhanced efficiency
offer you tools to save costs and increase efficiency

If you want to make your IT environment truly efficient, Konica Minolta offers solutions for any requirement and any size organization. Our proprietary bizhub technology gives you a multitude of features and functions that help you enhance and automate the network integration and administration of your printer fleet. As a result, your IT administrators no longer spend too much time setting up and maintaining complex printer configurations. Instead, they gain the time and flexibility for their really important tasks.

For more information about IT administration, please see our brochure.

rely on your printer technology
offer support to optimize your productivity

Konica Minolta offers personalized customer support. From a friendly voice to an online how-to, you’re sure to find the assistance you need. Our many resources are easily accessible, guaranteeing your fleet is maintained at the highest possible standard.

And we stand behind our high standards because our field technicians and technical support staff have graduated from a worldwide program that trains and enhances their industry knowledge while setting a path for professional development.

That is peace of mind from a partner you can trust.

want hassle-free installation
will get you up and running with no disruption

Our skilled engineers and support staff are graduates of our worldwide technical training program, so your installation will be seamless. And, our technical staff will work with you so that your bizhub multifunction printers are integrated into your workflow with no disruption of service. After all, you have a business to run. We can even train your staff, ensuring they are confident to use our products to the fullest.

CS Remote Care
rely on consitently working print hardware
have the right tool to keep your prints coming

CS Remote Care is an automated monitoring and communication system between your Konica Minolta output device and the Konica Minolta authorised Service Organisation. It regularly checks for technical problems and consumable depletions, and takes the necessary tasks to solve them automatically to provide stable operations at all times. It helps minimising any unwanted downtimes and taking away the trouble of having to make service calls manually. Our goal is to provide you with greater satisfaction and reassurance at all times for the success of your business

For more information about remote monitoring, please click here

want to work sustainably
developed technology to make a difference without compromising quality

By using Konica Minolta office technology intelligently, you will be able to reduce your CO2 emissions and save toner and paper.

Konica Minolta supports this with a range of green functionalities, including low energy sleep mode, adjustable display lighting and much more. We can help you to create a point of difference by adopting sustainable print policies, reducing paper waste, saving energy, and cutting CO2 emissions.

Read more about our environmental initiatives.

Unified User Interface
want a user interface that is easy to use
have easy and unified interfaces

Developing intuitive technology is important to us.

Using a consistent user interface makes it easy for everyone in your organization to work across devices without the need for additional training or assistance. Your workforce stays efficient, without the frustration of learning new or different technology.

Toner quality Simitri® HD
want products that are safe
have environmentally friendly supplies

Simitri® HD toner is one of the factors enabling Konica Minolta devices to deliver outstanding results, satisfying even the most stringent customer demands. In addition to the outstanding image quality, Simitri® HD toner is environment-friendly, made from plant-based biomass materials. It contains smaller particles than ordinary toner, which cuts toner consumption by more than 30%. Simitri saves not only resources, but also cuts costs and meets corporate social responsibility goals.

Download our brochure about Konica Minolta Simitri Toner.


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